catch us at heritage fest

we’ll be tabling next to the ypsilanti free skool on friday the 15th and sunday the 17th. heritage fest depot-town take over


jane: documents from chicago’s clandestine abortion service 1968-1973 / 28 pages. a collection of various first hand accounts and documents from the underground abortion service known as jane that operated in the late… Continue reading

d.i.y. anti-depression guide

doris 15: d.i.y. anti-depression guide / 26 pages. the best zine i have ever read, seriously. this is an issue of doris zine that is almost entirely comics about depression. cindy crabb’s do… Continue reading

potentially heartwrenching distractions

potentially heartwrenching distractions and other wonderful possibilities / 25 pages. nonfiction stories and letters about traveling, love, and feeling awkward. sweet, heartfelt writing. $2 / place an order.


apoyo / 55 páginas. support zine en español. este es un zine para apoyar personas que han sido abusadas sexualmente. sobre violencia sexual, trauma, sanando, y apoyo. $3.70 (en negra y blanca, la… Continue reading

high on burning photographs

high on burning photographs / 18 pages. a sweet personal zine about family, self injury, welfare rights organizations, graffiti and pittsburgh. $1.75 / place an order.

my feminist manifesta

my feminist manifesta: a call-out to men / 54 pages. a powerful, emotional appeal to men to feel the weight of sexual violence and to work to end it. about how prevalent and… Continue reading

empower yr sexy self

empower yr sexy self: a workbook / a 24 page workbook about sexuality, gender, consent, desire, intimacy and sexual health. full of information, resources, questions and exercises. $2.10 / place an order.

ladders & hips

ladders & hips: an open letter to the boys in my life / 38 pages. an open letter to boys and men, friends, lovers, and comrades about the disconnect between feminist analysis and… Continue reading


support / 64 pages. an intense and beautiful zine about sexual violence, trauma, healing, and support. full of comics, questions, letters, articles, and people writing about their deeply personal experiences. a cathartic read.… Continue reading