an update to end all updates

the back pocket press cats are stretching our paws as we finally get back to zine distro business!

we’ve lost track of how many months it’s been that we’ve been running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to keep tracking of everything personal and political. the spring has brought with it a modicum of free time and so we’re newly able to breathe some life back into this here website. what has been going on with the distro while we’ve been neglecting our digital duties?

we almost closed but got ourselves a rubber stamp – and a new sense of purpose – instead:

all of our printed material will now come stamped with our logo – the little present we purchased for ourselves after looking at the tough decision of closing or revamping. along with that stamp and decision came some changes: we moved from a priced model to a suggested donation, sliding scale model with all of our merchandise. we opened an anti-fascist legal defense fund, started offering free printing to folks involved locally in social justice work, and announced an ongoing zine scholarship for young writers!

the legal defense fund has already been able to funnel money towards local pro-black organizing, a local anti-hate crime self-defense class, and the mississippi stand folks who locked down a backhoe that was involved in DAPL construction, as well as raise a significant amount of money for people all over michigan facing legal repression following J20. we’re thrilled to be able to raise and direct money this way.

we tabled at NASCO institute:

each year since we opened we’ve tried to make an appearance at the weekend-long, co-op based conference that takes place in the neighboring town over. we share a tabling space with boxcar books & the beehive design collective and get to spend two whole days networking and talking with interesting and rad folks from all over the country!

we became a distributor of the slingshot periodical:

at the request of a local friend, we now carry the quarterly slingshot journal. ask and ye shall receive!

<3 meow!